Lesson 1:10 I am.

I am that I am.  I am all that is.  I am all there is.  I am.

From eternity to eternity I am.

There is nothing that I am not.

I am everywhere, I am in everything, I am everybody, I know everything, and I have everything across time, space, infinity.

This is what soul, spirit, infinite being knows.  But bubble consciousness cannot fathom. There is a constant battle between mind and being as bubble struggles and tries to grapple with all of reality from a physical point of view.

It is time to change our point of view.  View the unreal as real and the real as unreal. What seems apparently visible to the physical eye is a small minuscule part of creation that exists in various realities, dimensions, spaces and time.

So the question to be asking constantly is ‘Who am I?” As Ramana Maharishi taught, there is no other question to be asked other than that.  Whatever experience you have, whatever thoughts you have, whatever feelings you may be having, the only question to be repeatedly asking yourself is – who am I? Who is having this feeling?  Who is having these thoughts? Who is experiencing this emotion? And as one diligently continues to practice this, one ultimately arrives at the answer that everything and anything is an expression of infinite being.  That we as individualized bubbles, are off shoots of infinite being.  And that we have lost ourselves in our own game, in the game of this dimension.  Till we finally remember that we came here to play this game and finally arrive at a conclusion as to who we are.

It was just the whim of infinite being, of source/God to know itself, experience itself, discover itself that ‘I’ – is nothing but source and ‘am’ is nothing but the extension of source.

Pledge: “I shall endeavour to always remember who I am in every moment.  My thoughts, words and actions are pregnant with the knowledge that I am.”


Lesson 1-09 Purpose of Life.

Purpose of life is to be.  Just ‘be’ what infinite being wants in that moment.  The beauty and wonder of it all is each particle in creation has a purpose.  Serves a purpose and losses its form when that purpose is served and takes another form to serve yet another purpose and experience yet another possibility of infinite being,

Infinity is endless.  Possibilities are endless.  Bubble needs to and continues to take form after form and serves purpose after purpose till it has nothing else or nothing more to do, serve, perform or realise.  The only realization left is to know who bubble really is.  Right from stone, plant, bird, fish, mammal, animal to man bubble consciousness finds various reasons to manifest in multitude forms and shapes.  When bubble consciousness reaches the incarnation of man in the process of re-incarnation and involution it begins to search for yet another purpose to live for, to reincarnate for.

And all there is remaining is a sense of joy and bliss.  Every man who has found joy and satisfaction in the world has done so only by pursuing what brings him joy and happiness.  So what better purpose could man have but to discover, have the courage to live his own joy.  Follow the dictates of his heart rather than the logic of his mind.

Finding ones joy is finding ones heart.  Finding ones happiness in doing, being, serving whatever, whenever, however.  It need not be huge or expensive of famous.  It could be as simple as walking bare feet on sand or listening to the song of birds, watching a sunset, quietly serving the needy, or take care of a stray animal etc.

Discovering you joy comes from being in the now, the present moment. To be able to listen to your heart and brave enough to follow your heart no matter what.

Pledge: “I serve the grand purpose of my existence.  I am willing to listen and dare to follow my joy in every moment with my Presence and heart-knowing.”

Lesson 1:08 Suffering.

Suffering, physical, mental, emotional all serve a purpose.  It is a compass, an indicator to show us which way we are headed.

Separation from sources leads to emptiness.  The mind fills up the space and ego is created.  Ego experiences begin.  Individualized ego then believes that it is an isolated, a separate entity.  And thus begins the journey of suffering.  There is struggle for survival, drama of existence, games, manipulations, tricks, war, enmity and all that goes with our physical existence.

One fine day the spirit has enough and wakes up.  After taking multitude of forms and shapes bubble begins to question and tries to understand what and why things are happening and who it really is. Then bubble consciousness goes within and seeks solace that ultimately comes from the higher self.

Suffering is a propeller.  It is a device that moves us into ego realm of pain, chaos, insanity, depression, etc.  But ultimately leads us to our destination; to our higher self, to infinite being.

Then again, suffering is a choice.  Pain is inevitable because it has a function to perform.  But suffering is a choice we make from free will.  Shall we wallow in self pity and find someone to blame or shall we move toward the light, the light of love the shine of true infinite being.

Pain is a barometer that indicates to me, shows me the density of my vibration at any given moment.  Is my vibration being lowered into realms of ego centered suffering or is my vibration tuned to move upward to higher realms of love, compassion, joy and bliss?

Pledge: “I choose not to suffer. I use pain/discomfort as an indicator of my inner state of being.  Pain is my compass to show me my path toward light.  Pain helps me find my shine and true nature faster.”

Lesson 1:07 Separation.

Separation is the separation from source.  Separation is necessary for spirit/infinite being to experience what it is not, in seeming isolation to realize what it is, pure consciousness.

Consciousness was unconscious/unaware of its own self before separation, before creation.

Consciousness chose to become ignorant and separate from source to finally become conscious of its own bliss, joy, love and peace after a long, long journey.

The individualized bubble begins to believe that she is alone and that she needs security and that she has to fight for survival, grab what is available and horde.  That there is not enough for everyone therefore one must fight, self-preserve, compete, possess, hold on to and not let go of.

Separation begets ego consciousness, non-love or lack of love.  Ego says there is not enough.  The bubble consciousness experiences feelings of greed, fear, insecurity, jealousy, pride, selfishness, possessiveness, need to cling, revenge etc.

Oneness, on the other hand is the not the opposite of separation as one might assume.  Separation is extension of oneness.  Seeming separation; only at a physical level!

Feeling of oneness comes from the higher self: The feeling of being one with source, one with all of creation, one with love. To recognise and feel the invisible thread that transcends separation and transmutes to oneness.

So consciousness takes millions of forms in separation before it finally rests in the peace of love and Oneness toward the end of its journey and arrives home.  Phew!

Pledge: “I appreciate the individualization and separation of the One.  I play and partake of this separation from the home of Oneness – My Heart connected to the one universal Heart that sings the song of One Love.”

Lesson 1:06 Oneness.

There is only the One.  There is the One in many.  And that the many is ONE!

There is an invisible thread that connects all to all.  There is no isolation.  There is no absolute separation.  We are all connected.  We are separated into individualized bubbles like the waves of the ocean, like the surf that springs up in the ocean.  But the ocean is one.  Therefore we are one.  Separate bubbles floating, playing, living, in the one, large, same infinite Ocean of Consciousness;  Ocean of Love,  Ocean of compassion, just a few words to describe what consciousness is.

There is no separation.  There is One big bubble.  And there are multitudes of sub bubbles in that One; all living in seeming separation, seeming separation of ego boundaries.  Division into many, many, many, many of the One source.  Into many, many forms, shapes, sizes, beings, spirits, souls.  Consciousness!  All is just consciousness manifesting in its own whim and fancy.

To be able to move beyond self, journey within and realize that all is one, in our higher Self.  There is none other than the One.  There is only source.  That source is only love.  That love is god.  And god is love.  And all there is is love. One love!

Separation causes anxiety, feeling of lack, fear, jealousy, vengeance, pride, greed etc.  Oneness leads to bliss, joy, communion and utopia.

Pledge: “My thoughts, words, and deeds are aligned with the innate knowing that we are all alive together is Oneness.  That everything around me is me, an expression of myself in another form. There is none other than me, the One!”